Sunday, 16 December 2012

On the Weekend

This weekend we drove down to Horseshoe Bay in Port Elliot for some time at the beach. Although we have had some very warm days so far this Summer the temperature was not too hot just warm enough to go for a swim. The boys had a great time.

We found a great spot for fish and chips after. The seagull hasn't sprouted human legs, it is Alex running up the steps in the background. Port Elliot is a small seaside town with many old stone cottages, antique and gift shops and a great variety of restaurants including a fantastic bakery. The kids had a great time climbing on the rocks after lunch and we spotted about six dolphins in the sea.

Driving back through the countryside we saw this great police box someone had placed at the entrance to their property. It looked a little out of place amongst the Australian foliage.

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