Tuesday, 10 November 2015

From the Garden - Birds

Some of the birds we have had in the garden over the last few weeks. We don't usually have the white cockatoos or the galahs, and I have been waiting for the black cockatoos to return, I was so happy to finally see them today.

2016 Tea Towel Calendar

I was so thrilled to get in the top ten of the tea towel calendar contest last week at Spoonflower. These arrived just before the end of the contest, there are also three co-ordinating designs to form a collection. Although these are pictured here with a raw edge, my mum has kindly hemmed them for me and they have turned out really well.

From the Garden - Mid Spring

A few photos taken in my garden over the last month or so. I have not pruned the roses for a very long time but they seem to be surviving and flowering well.

Sweet Dreams Collection

The Sweet Dreams collection was designed around Dreamy Flying Machines which was created for a Spoonflower contest earlier this year. It is now available for sale in my Spoonflower shop.

New Designs

Below are some swatches of a few designs I have made available for sale recently. The rocket design printed especially well and I have a few ideas to create a collection based around it.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

From the Garden - Early Spring

A few photos I had taken in the garden at the beginning of Spring.

We had two starlings in the garden for the first time, I had never seen any before. They were fighting with the sparrows as both were trying to build a nest in the wall of our house. They were making such a mess we had to block up the hole.

Painted Pony Collection

Painted Pony is now available for sale again at Spoonflower along with the rest of the collection that I created a few years back. There also a new reduced version of the painted pony stripe which is really sweet and perfect for smaller items like zipper pouches.

Seaside Collection

I have recently made Seaside collection available for sale at Spoonflower. I am so happy with how it printed and decided to order the zipper pouch with Sprout Patterns which should arrive any day now. Hopefully I will get a chance to make some big beach bags with the fabric this Summer.

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