Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Local Wildlife

We knew there were koalas in the scrub at the top of our street but this week I spotted one for the first time in a large gum tree near the path that we take to walk to school. The koala is very elusive and blends into its habitat, unfortunately this one was at the top of the tree so it was really hard to get a photo of him.

From a distance they look like a big lump on a branch, this one was curled up and sleepy. I checked to see if he was still there later in the day with the boys, he was and he had only moved across a few branches.

From underneath you can see his nose and chin. Maybe I will get a better photo next time.

Fabulous Finds

Some of the great finds from the trip to Pt Elliot. I love the 70's crockery, especially the striped mugs. My favourite find was the sew tidy, it has a lift out plastic tray to store scissors and there is plenty of room for spools of cotton and other bits and pieces.

Seagull Chasing

We finished the school holidays with a visit to Pt Elliot. It was a great day and the boys enjoyed running around chasing seagulls after enjoying fish and chips for lunch. We also had a look through a few op shops with some really good finds.

Painted Ponies

This post is a little late as we have had no internet access for the past week but it was lovely to be in the top ten of the horses contest at Spoonflower just over a week ago. Love the photos they take every week of the top ten fabrics.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Chinese Lanterns

These are a few of the swatches from my Chinese Lanterns collection that will be available at Spoonflower. They co-ordinate with the original design Snakes and Lanterns from the snake contest several months ago.

Winter in the Botanic Gardens

During the school holidays we have been to the botanic gardens in the city. It was a slightly wet day but the boys enjoyed a good game of hide and seek. The deciduous trees are all bare at the moment however there is plenty of greenery around.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Mod Nature

A few of the swatches from my Mod Nature Collection available at Spoonflower.

A Visit to the Art Gallery

It is school holidays for two weeks so the boys and I caught the bus down to the Art Gallery in the city. This was their first time and they were very interested, especially in the Australian colonial art. There was an exhibition of Australian contemporary art which was incredibly diverse and beautiful. They had a section for children to make their on sculpture while watching how the artists created work in the exhibition on a screen nearby.


Recently I ordered about 60 swatches from Spoonflower as well as some new cheater quilt panels and cushion panels. These are some of the swatches from my Citrus collection.

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