Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Toadstool Terrariums

It was very exciting to come first in the terrarium contest at Spoonflower last week. There were so many entries that I loved, it is amazing how diverse they all are.

They always do such a brilliant job of photographing the top ten fabrics at Spoonflower, I love what they have done this week.

Beginning of a Crochet Rug

Just started this crochet rug recently, it is going to take a little while as it is slightly wider than I had intended.

Fabulous Finds

From the op shop at Balhannah last week
Pyrex pie dish and small Pyrex dish, cute 70's plate, little golden book, box of 70's snap cards, tiny hexagon patchwork toaster cover, 50's small tablecloth featuring Australian wildflowers, vintage fabric apron and pillowcase (possibly 70's). 
I love to collect the golden books with the gb back, wish I could remember all the ones I had as a child. I am always on the hunt for Dragon in a Wagon.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Monarch Butterflies

Last Sunday on Mother's Day we went for a little walk with some friends next to a creek at Carrickalinga and came across hundreds of Monarch butterflies. Many were sitting on the leaves of a few large gum trees and some were a little way down along the creek in some old olive trees. They were so beautiful and amazing to see, it made the day really special!

Medieval Fair

Just over a week ago we went to the Medieval Fair at Gumeracha. This was our second time, the first last year and it was so good we knew we had to go back. 
This year we did not stay to see the jousting which was wonderful last year, but we did have a good look at the medieval village which we had not seen before. I loved the detail on the sleeve of a coat that was hanging near a tent and the beautiful skeins of coloured wool that were hanging under another. The boys got a new helmet each which they loved and they saw a Punch and Judy show for the first time.They were very amused!

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Local Wildlife

After seeing so many birds in the garden lately I decided to take my camera when I went to collect the boys from school, you never know what you might see.

As we were walking home Alex said "Look at that yellow bird Mum" and there in front of us was a not so small and mostly yellow bird. Of course I had to get out the camera, which took a little while, and after he flew into a tree across the road we did get a few not so good photos.

Then Jimmy said "Come on Mum" as he is not that patient with my attempts of wildlife photography.

 As I was putting my camera away Alex shouted "LOOK MUM A KOALA!" and there not one metre from where I had been standing was a small and very sweet koala up in the tree.

Naturally Jimmy said "I thought that is what you were taking the photo of Mum".

The Perfect Meeting Place for Birds

This afternoon I could hear the sounds of little wrens coming from the back yard. I think they sound a bit like a squeaky toy. One of the boys old toy wheelbarrows was half full of water from the recent rain and enjoying a bath were a few wrens, a honeyeater and a few birds that were new to our garden.

After doing some research I think that the visiting birds may be the Silvereye, Grey Fantail and the Eastern Spinebill. We often have many of the New Holland Honeyeaters and quite a few wrens in the garden but I hope to see many more of these new little birds.

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