Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Local Wildlife

It is magpie swooping season again, I was going to try to take some photos as they were about to swoop but they proved to be too fast and scary. They swoop along the road near the school and amazingly they must be able to count because they will only swoop a single person. If you are walking with children or a dog you are safe. Looks like I will be wearing a hat or carry an umbrella for the next five months or so.

From the Garden

So many things starting to flower in the garden now that is Spring. We have been doing a lot of pruning and weeding lately, this weekend my brother helping with the chainsaw to remove some of the bigger limbs off of the trees. It is raining today but we have had plenty of sunshine.

The Royal Adelaide Show

Recently the boys and I visited the Royal Adelaide Show. It is held each year in early September at the showgrounds next to the city. I have been going since I was a child and we have taken our kids for the last seven years. This year I went the day before for a few hours with Gerrie, my aunt, just so we could have a look around at things we were interested in without the kids becoming impatient.

Gerrie and I went to the CWA (country Women's Association) cafe this year for tea and scones, something I have been wanting to do for years. I have faint memories of coming into the cafe as a child with my mother and grandmother. The scones were delicious.

The boys enjoyed the side shows and we saw a few animal displays although not as many this year.

Lots of action in the main arena, we all love the motor cross.

There were many prize wining fruit and vegetable displays.

Beautiful garden displays.

 Lots of garden inspiration.

 Basket weaving display, I would love to try this!

There were so many gorgeous flowers.

We stayed until the fireworks around 9pm, a very long but enjoyable day.

Dinosaurs Just Want To Have Fun

I was delighted to come third in the dinosaur challenge at Spoonflower a few weeks ago. The fabric above was printed and photographed as part of the top ten. Below is the collection it coordinates with, A Day At The Museum, all available for sale at Spoonflower.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Crochet Slippers for Jimmy

This weekend I finished these crochet slippers for my son Jimmy. We had to spend a little time at the hospital on Friday while he had some day surgery and I found it very calming to work on them in the waiting room. He loves them, and now his brother needs a pair.

The Box Brownie

When I was a child my father gave my brothers and I each one of his old cameras. At the time I did not appreciate receiving the Box Brownie, it didn't seem to look like much of a camera at all, and the photos were not quite what I was expecting. Recently I got it out of storage for my youngest son to take to school for sharing. The class was looking at things that were used in the past and are no longer used today. I was so delighted when I found it, now I can appreciate what an attractive piece of equipment it really is. 

Decorated Dim Sum Bowls

It was very exciting to come first in the Dim Sum Contest at Spoonflower last week. Restricted palette contests are one of my favourites because the fat quarter bundle looks lovely in the one colour palette. I absolutely loved the photos they took at Spoonflower, they did such a great job!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Ellie the Elephant and Friends Finished

Yes, they are finally finished! After sewing machine malfunctions and sewing two zips in backwards they are finally done. All four jungle friends pencil case and coin purse are now available for sale on one yard in my Spoonflower shop.

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