Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Fabulous Finds

Some great finds from over the last month or so.
 From the Balhanna church op shop.

From Aldgate mission op shop.

My lovely neighbour found these beauties for me at the Gepps Cross Market. Two dollars each, bargain!

From a variety of locations, the tall coffee pot one dollar from our local market.

From the Bridgewater Country Fire Service op shop. Fifty cents each, bargain!

The Local Wildlife

A blue tongue lizard that has been visiting our neighbourhood.

There have been lots of rainbow lorikeets flying around lately, their backs are a vivid green.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spooky Owl Tutorial

Here is my Spooky Owl in the blue green colourway.

 The orange colourway below.

 Spooky Owl costume instructions.
 Cut out the pieces from the 1 yard panel, leaving as much white as possible around the mask.

Place the body pieces right sides together and sew the shoulders.

 Pin the wing into the armhole where indicated on the panel.

 Sew around the armhole and pin the remaining side.

Now cut the white line on the back neck and either hem, zig zag stitch or serge the entire edge. The side seams and wings are not sewn together so that the costume can fit a variety of sizes.

Velcro tabs or snaps can be attached under the arm, at the base of the wing and the back neck. 

For the mask - Cut out mask leaving a small amount of white fabric around edge. Cut a piece of iron on interfacing the same size and iron onto the back of the mask. Cut neatly around the edge of the mask and cut the white circles from the eyes. The interfacing will stiffen the fabric and stop it from fraying.You will need a small amount of elastic to attatch to the sides of the mask so  that it will fit snuggly around the head.

Spooky Owl Costume

My Spooky Owl costume came third in the Halloween Costume contest last week which was very exciting. They did a wonderful job at Spoonflower of sewing up the top five designs and took these great photos too. The colours are so lovely and bright, printed on the new Kona Ultra.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Owl Treat Bag and Instructions

Just finished these owl treat bags which are going to be available for sale in my Spoonflower shop. Here are the instructions, they are quite easy to make, the design is on a fat quarter and includes a facing for the top inside of the bag.

Botanic Gardens

We went to my Aunt Gerrie's birthday at the Botanic Gardens on the weekend, the weather was beautiful. The boys thought it was great, especially because they spent a great amount of time at (or in) a water feature that must have been designed for children to float leaves and twigs down a long stream to a pool below.

A family of ducks hopped down to the pool just before we left. They were adorable and so fluffy.

Pleasant Pies

So happy to be in the top ten for the pie contest last week, as always Spoonflower have taken some fabulous photos of the top ten which are now available for sale.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Fabulous Finds

 A few purchases from the local market this weekend. Jimmy talked me into the two mushroom canisters, I said if they were still there on the way home we would get them. They were and we did! Somewhere I have packed away a similar set of four that belonged to my grandmother.

From the Garden

A few photos from Mum's garden this week.

Strathalbyn Country Show

This year for the first time we went to the Strathalbyn Show, a country show held on the Monday of the October long weekend. The boys were not quite as interested as I expected they would be, maybe because it is only a month after the Royal Adelaide Show.
After we had a picnic with friends next to the Angus River, the kids had a fabulous time playing in the reeds. There was a family of ducks with thirteen ducklings, they were so sweet. A bakers dozen!

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