Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Spooky Owl Tutorial

Here is my Spooky Owl in the blue green colourway.

 The orange colourway below.

 Spooky Owl costume instructions.
 Cut out the pieces from the 1 yard panel, leaving as much white as possible around the mask.

Place the body pieces right sides together and sew the shoulders.

 Pin the wing into the armhole where indicated on the panel.

 Sew around the armhole and pin the remaining side.

Now cut the white line on the back neck and either hem, zig zag stitch or serge the entire edge. The side seams and wings are not sewn together so that the costume can fit a variety of sizes.

Velcro tabs or snaps can be attached under the arm, at the base of the wing and the back neck. 

For the mask - Cut out mask leaving a small amount of white fabric around edge. Cut a piece of iron on interfacing the same size and iron onto the back of the mask. Cut neatly around the edge of the mask and cut the white circles from the eyes. The interfacing will stiffen the fabric and stop it from fraying.You will need a small amount of elastic to attatch to the sides of the mask so  that it will fit snuggly around the head.

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