Thursday, 21 May 2015

Attention to Detail

The boys spent a good part of last weekend making cubbies and forts in the bushland at the top of our street. They also enjoyed finding all the interesting tiny details in the surrounding environment from fungi to tree sap.

The sap from a tree looked like amber crystals in the sunlight.

This interesting texture looked like a work of art.

 The dry grass looked like curly wispy hair.

 A very tiny village of fungi.

 Interesting and very small pods on tree.

 Miniature toadstools.

 The boys thought these spidery like lines on timber looked like strange insects.

Wooden Toys

So excited to get into the top ten for the Woodwork contest at Spoonflower last week. Thank you to all that voted and added favourites and comments. Just wish I could make a few of these guys out of wood and paint them, they would be so much fun!

Mermaid Sea

This is my design for the mermaid contest this week. Spoonflower is partnering with childrens clothing company CWDkids to find a design for girls sleepwear.

I had so much fun with this design especially developing the mermaid characters. Here is a look at the design on a sleepwear silhouette.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Recent Top Tens

I was very lucky to get into the top ten for the bees contest and floral border contest at Spoonflower over the last two weeks. Here is a look at the designs printed and photographed at Spoonflower.

The bee fat quarter bundle is currently for sale, I love these bee designs!

Birds, Butterflies and Kangaroos

Recently we spent time in our caravan at Carrickalinga, the weather was pleasant. The kids enjoyed catching yabbies, exploring and sliding down the hills, and I enjoyed a walk down along the creek where I came across pretty birds, hundreds of butterflies and three kangaroos!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

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