Saturday, 27 October 2012

Christmas Time Hawaiian Quilt

Just finished hemming the edge on the Christmas Time Hawaiian Quilt I designed and had printed last year. (In time for Christmas this year) Once again my Mum did most of the sewing, but I did enjoy hemming the binding. It may sound strange to have the word Hawaiian in the title but it is referring to the type of quilting technique. It is actually a cheater quilt on a one yard panel available in my Spoonflower shop.

Friday, 26 October 2012

From the Garden

The honeyeaters have been flying around the garden feeding their little baby birds this week, I wish they would stay still long enough to get a few pics. The blackbirds have been very busy as well building a nest in the Cecile Brunner rose near our back door. There is at least two large pieces of plastic and an assortment of grasses and some type of synthetic string that they have been trying to weave into a nest but has been caught amongst the thorns. The bearded iris are flowering at this time of year along with the beginning of the roses.

2013 Wildflowers Calendar

This was my entry this week for the Spoonflower tea towel calendar contest, in which I placed 16th. The design above is actually an extended version sized for the linen. At the moment the fabric is in transit, so I am looking forward to putting it up for sale mid next week when it is scheduled to arrive.

Friday, 19 October 2012

6th Place - Creepy Crawly Party

So delighted this week to be in the top ten fabrics at Spoonflower with my Creepy Crawly Party design. Below are a few extra co-ordinates. You can check out the winning design by Kayajoy and the rest of the top ten on the Spoonflower blog.

Fabulous Finds

Last Saturday I went to a little church fete at Lobethal. It was fantastic, I had the best time, although it was small most items ranged from 10c to $1, and just about everything was from the 1960's to 1980's. The nice ladies gave me a box and I just wandered around happily loading it up.
Above are a few things I picked up, the plate was my most expensive item at $1 and the vintage Christmas cake decoration frills were only 20c each. I picked up a Holly Hobby stoneware mug from the early 1980s for 10c and a cool thermos and vintage tins amongst other things.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Little Zombie Dolly and Friends finished!

Yay! I have finished sewing My Little Zombie Dolly and Friends. I had these printed on cotton poplin and I am so happy with how they came out. I hope to post some tutorials on them soon.

Little Zombie Dolly

Mad Scientist Robot

Bad Scary Kitty

Grrrrrrr Teddy Mummy

From the Garden

From my parents veggie patch at Strathalbyn...
some happy little bees going about their busy work.

The two below are native bees I believe.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fabric Project - Hansel & Gretel Quilt

This is a project I have just started with my Hansel and Gretel collection. I actually ordered the fabric last year and decided it was time to make a small quilt. This is my second quilt, the first was very basic and I had help with most of it. 

The Hansel and Gretel collection of fabrics is shown here, you can see them in my Spoonflower shop. I've just started designing some dolls to co-ordinate with it as well.

My Little Zombie Dolly

This is the doll I designed for the Spoonflower Zombie Plush Toy contest this last week and I was so excited this morning to find out that I had won. I also created a few friends for her that fit on a yard of fabric as you can see below. I can't wait to get the fabric so that I can make them.

This is the finished doll. The people at Spoonflower have sewn up the top ten designs and photographed them in a really spooky setting. You can check out all the designs on the Spoonflower website.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

From the Garden

It has been so cold here in the hills for the last two days. There has even been snow on Mt Lofty, very unusual for this time of year. Actually we never usually get snow. I just slipped outside to take a few photos. I love it when the lilac flowers.

Fabulous Finds

Last Saturday we did a little thrift shopping and antique store visiting at Lobethal and Strathalbyn. I bought this huge spool of yarn from one of the thrift stores at Lobethal. I like to imagine that it was originally from the Old Woollen Mill there however it could have really come from anywhere. It was so beautiful and orange I could not resist. The little bear was from another thrift store across the road. He really wanted to come home with me.

In the afternoon we went to Strathalbyn and I just had a quick look in two of the many antique stores there. I was so happy to find this sewing basket for the collection. The inside is in pretty bad condition but I will try to repair it one day. It is on the my list of things to do.

From the Garden

From my Mum's garden actually. We were doing some watering for my parents while they were away and it was a good opportunity to take some photos of the beautiful poppies that are flowering. They have only established the garden at their new house over the last year or so and these poppies decided to just come up by themselves in some of the soil from the old place.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Christmas Time Small Cheater Quilt

Last year I designed a series of Christmas cheater quilts. This one I gave to my Mum for last Christmas however we have only just finished it now. Actually Mum sewed most of it (Thanks Mum for sewing your own present) but I did help hem the edge. She has put a section of Christmas Time Birds White fabric on the back which matches the binding on the edge. If you want to see the designs you can check them out in my Spoonflower shop.

We hope to finish a few other cheater quilts very soon. Maybe even some for Christmas presents this year!

The Bay to Birdwood

Every year in South Australia there is a procession of about 1300 vintage vehicles from Glenelg (near the sea) to the National Motor Museum at Birdwood through the Adelaide Hills. This year the boys and I went to have a look and we found a great spot as they were entering the back streets of Birdwood on the way to the museum. It was lovely to watch them in a rural setting with not a lot of spectators around. We came prepared with lots of snacks and the boys had a few toys to occupy them at times when they were not so interested. After about two hours it was time to go but we did enjoy the experience. It was amazing how many people dressed in period costume and how many kids and younger people were involved in the day.

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