Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Local Wildlife

The black cockatoos are back in our garden once again. They have been eating the banksia pods in the back yard. I love seeing them each year always just around the beginning of Summer.

This is what they have been devouring. They break the banksia pods off of the tree and holding them in  one claw and eating them like a cob of corn.

2013 Christmas Pageant

Recently we went down to the city to watch the Credit Unions Christmas Pageant. If you want a front row seat you need to arrive about four hours before the pageant starts, many people had claimed a spot and spread out a rug from 6.00 am. We always try to leave early but in the end left around 7.45 and arrived 8.20. It is so important to have snacks and entertainment for the kids, this year the iPad and chalk to draw on the pavement. The weather was perfect and we all had a great time. Here are a few of my favourites from the pageant.

New Silky Faille Fabric

Such a wonderful surprise to see Holly from Spoonflower had made a skirt in the new Silky Faille fabric from some of the designs in my Japanese Cameo collection. I love the skirt, it is so sweet and all the other garments look amazing and very inspiring, I especially love the scarf. Below is the Silky Faille post from the Spoonflower blog.

Garden of Ghostly Delights

Even though Halloween was a few weeks ago and it is already mid November I thought I would post that Garden of Ghostly Delights slipped into the top ten of the Ghosts contest at ninth place. This was a surprise and I was very happy with how it printed.

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