Sunday, 11 January 2015

Loch Ard Gorge

This was the last place we visited on our drive around the Otway Ranges. It is located on the coast towards Port Campbell at the end of the Twelve Apostles after a scenic decent from the Otway. We did not realise it would be so busy with many cars and tour buses but it was still a pleasant experience. Next time we stay in Torquay I think it would be a good idea to visit this area very early in the morning.

Melba Gully Rainforest Walk

While driving around the Otway one of the things we planned to do was the Melba Gully Rainforest Walk. It was surprisingly easy to find and we enjoyed it very much.

The Otway Tree Top Walk

While staying in Torquay over Christmas we went for a day drive through the back of the Otway Ranges to the coast near Port Campbell. One of the unexpected things we did along the way was a tree top walk at the Otway Fly.
Gigantic trees!

The tree ferns were beautiful and much taller than us. 

Starting the walk, I am not good with heights but this was fine.

Don't look down!

View descending the tower. It was a little scary going up the tower, and it did move around. Lucky there was no wind!

Back safe on the ground. It was a wonderful experience and a great family activity!

Barwon Heads and Queenscliff

The day before Christmas we drove up the coast from Torquay to Barwon Heads and then Queenscliff. I did some Christmas shopping at some of the amazing shops in Barwon Heads and we all enjoyed exploring the coast.
I love this store!

This is my favourite, they have a great range of Marimekko and I bought a little bowl for Christmas.

There was a gorgeous Mini Moke mobile coffee shop.

Loads of seagulls!

The boys enjoyed the park and the beach.

The view from the bridge.

Leaving Barwon Heads.
The ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento.

A section of the coast at Queenscliff.

The jetty.

There are fabulous parks for children along the coast, this is a detail from the park at Queenscliff.

A Sweet Koala

We spotted this little guy while travelling near Torquay. It is important to keep a look out for wildlife when driving around the country. He made it safely to the side of the road.

Christmas 2014

Christmas and New Year came and went so quickly and as we have been away on two holidays, one to Torquay and one to Carrickalinga, and the boys have been on school holidays and will be for another two weeks. The week before Christmas was spent cooking, baking and making last minute gifts, not to mention shopping. We had a pre Christmas lunch with some of the family on the Saturday before Christmas and drove to Torquay on the 23rd.
Here are a few photos mostly from Christmas in Torquay.

It was wonderful spending time with family, the food was amazing especially the cherries and of course it wouldn't be Christmas in Australia without the backyard cricket!
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