Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fabulous Finds

From the op shop at Balhannah last week
Pyrex pie dish and small Pyrex dish, cute 70's plate, little golden book, box of 70's snap cards, tiny hexagon patchwork toaster cover, 50's small tablecloth featuring Australian wildflowers, vintage fabric apron and pillowcase (possibly 70's). 
I love to collect the golden books with the gb back, wish I could remember all the ones I had as a child. I am always on the hunt for Dragon in a Wagon.


  1. The wildflower tablecloth is lovely. I always look out for them when op-shopping.
    I'll keep on the lookout for Dragon in a Wagon for you. x

  2. Thanks Zara. I love 50's tablecloths but this is the first wildflower one I've purchased, will have to look out for them now.


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