Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Sweets

Most years we have Christmas dinner at my Mum's house and she cooks a great meal with roast chicken, turkey and ham and a selection of roast vegetables. I make a few Christmas treats and the trifle and Christmas pudding. This year we had a quiet lunch on Christmas day with my parents and Grandmother, and on Boxing day the larger family lunch with my mother's side of the family.

The recipe for these honey biscuits is in an old Lutheran cookbook that was my Grandmothers. I think it had a German origin. The mixture makes so many biscuits, I halved it this year but the full recipe uses 1 pound of honey and 1 pound of sugar.

My son Jimmy and I made these chocolate pops before Christmas, I think we might make a few more tomorrow. The mould and lollypop sticks were very inexpensive.

Each year I make chocolate truffles and these have dried apricot with the chocolate mixture in the centre, most are covered with dark chocolate but these have milk chocolate and sprinkles.

Sometimes we have a gingerbread house. Alex helped with this one.

Christmas day I made a pavlova for dessert and ate way too much.

Boxing day with the big family lunch we had trifle and plum pudding. I put about a kilo of dried apricot, dried apple, prunes, dates, sultanas and currents in the pudding, it only just fits in the pudding bowl.

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