Thursday, 4 December 2014

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

For the 4th of December we did some creative cooking and made chocolate gingerbread cookies. The boys had visitors after school and this was a fun thing to do and eat.

300g plain flour
50g cocoa powder
1 teaspoon ground ginger
120g butter
120g brown sugar
140g golden syrup

Combine everything and process in a food processor. When it comes together take out in portions and place between two sheets of baking paper and roll out to approximately 3 mm thick. Cut with cookie cutters (we used a bell for the reindeer's face) then remove excess cookie dough and slide the baking paper onto a tray.
Bake approximately 12 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

We used a mini m&m for the nose and pretzels for the antlers.

This is a great tasting recipe for adults and older children but little ones may not find it sweet enough, maybe because of the high quantity of cocoa.

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