Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Australia Day & Eucalyptus flowers

We had a quiet Australia day on the 26th but celebrated on the public holiday Monday as my brother was visiting from Sydney. After lunch the kids enjoyed these cup cakes with Australian flags and I made some coffee kisses just like Grandma used to make. They are one of my brother's favourite home made sweets.

Many of the Eucalyptus trees are flowering at the moment. Here is a selection of blossoms from a few in our area. The colours also range from range from vivid yellows to deep reds.

Making progress on the Aussie animals table runner. I was hoping to finish before Australia day but maybe in another week or two. The hexagons have been joined into three long rows and have been tacked onto the background fabric. I really enjoy sewing the hexagons together but the final sewing is not quite so easy.

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