Monday, 9 June 2014

Road Trip to Victoria - Day 3 & 4

On Sunday we decided to go to the Torquay farmers market with my brother and sister-in-law and then the boys took the football to have a kick around the oval.
 There were some great stalls at the farmers market, one produce stall had fabulous 70's floral sheets on every table, I would love to know where they came from.
The bread lady had amazing cakes and breads, the date scones, quince cake and mini pizzas I sampled were delicious.

In the afternoon we drove up to the Geelong waterfront, lots to see here.

These wooden people sculptures are along the entire area, possibly over fifty of them.

There was a large playground and skate park for kids. We went to the Geelong cinema to see a movie with the boys then back to Torquay for a lovely roast dinner with fresh veggies from the farmer's market that morning.

 We tried to get an early start but left around 9 am the next morning for the long drive back to Adelaide, of course we decided to make it even longer by taking a detour and going through The Grampians on the way back. There was not a lot of opportunity for bush walking as we were pushed for time but we hope to come camping here soon.

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