Saturday, 1 February 2014

A Trip to Black Hill

The boys have been back at school this past week after six weeks of holidays, in the last week of the school holidays we went for a drive up to Black Hill, a small country town where my mum grew up. Her father owned the General Store and I have a few early memories of staying there when I was three or four years old.
We stopped at Mt Pleasant on the way for an early lunch at the bakery. Definitely one of the best bakeries in the Hills. The park here is beautiful and there are two small bridges where you can walk across to the tennis courts.
We drove up to the Black Hill Rocks where they mine black granite but of course we could not go in. The roads are covered in limestone, a very interesting landscape. We stopped at the old hall just up the road from where my grandfather's general store was and then the boys went for a walk on the old swing bridge that leads to what was my grandmother's garden. As the shop is now a private residence I did not take photos, but the new owners have renovated the property and the garden looks lovely.
On the way out of Black Hill we stopped at Shell hill, this is the remains of what was a large area of shell said to be around 5 million years old, the shell was used for garden fertiliser until around 1950. We then drove down to the river at Wongulla, on a road side was a really awesome robot family which were of course mail boxes. You never know what you will see in the country!

On the way back home I took this shot of a giant christmas bear a farmer has made from large hay bales at Mt Torrens. 

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