Monday, 19 August 2013

Fabulous Finds - Strathalbyn Antique Fair

It was the Strathalbyn Antique Fair on the weekend, an event I look forward to every year for the trash and treasure market that takes place at the show grounds on the Sunday morning. Unfortunately this year the weather was so incredibly bad that by the time I got there at 8.15 am there were only 25 or so stall holders and most of these were packing up. Usually the stalls go all the way around the oval and it takes two or three hours to see everything. Fortunately the stalls that were left had the best finds and people were even willing to drop the prices a little.

This was my first sewing box for the day.

 All of this a bargain at only $20 especially considering the sewing basket was full of sewing treasures.

Treasures from the sewing box.

I love these old needle books.

I fell in love with this large orange picnic case and round sewing basket as soon as I saw them, the canisters were packed inside the case, I thought the whole lot was a bargain at $40.

Close up of the pretty sewing basket.

Inside the basket was a little plastic tray that had blown across the car park earlier in the morning but the nice stall holder went and found it for me.

Treasures from the round sewing basket.

The last stall I went two had these lovely little sewing baskets and the retro container below (maybe a recipe card holder or salt box)  all came to the total of $15.

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