Sunday, 5 May 2013

Medieval Fair

We went to the Medieval Fair at Gumeracha in the Adelaide Hills this weekend, it was awesome, the boys loved it!

There were lots of very entertaining and sometimes humorous battle displays. These two guys looked like they were straight out of Lord of the Rings.

There were great artisan displays and many people dressed in medieval costume and so happy to have children photographed with them.

The boys enjoyed having a small battle while we were watching the equestrian event.

Alex was the only one of us dressed up but Jimmy wants a costume for next year. I think we will work on something a little more appropriate for Alex's footwear next time as well and maybe some longer pants, these were a few inches too short but he insisted they had to be grey.

There was so much to see and although we were there for just over four hours we still did not see everything. Well worth the $30 family entrance fee. 

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