Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Museum

Yesterday we took the bus to the city and visited the museum.

There was a great school holiday program called Fossil Fest and the children got to speak to a palaeontologist and find 20 million year old fish fragments under a microscope as well as make clay moulds of fossils. Actually there were kids everywhere.

There were many interactive displays which they enjoyed, the one above had images of beautiful butterfly eggs and butterflies. The shields below was another of their favourite displays.

There are large drawers around the museum which slide out vertically and horizontally to reveal preserved insects and sea creatures, eggs and skeletons. The kids love it! You also get a sense of exploring while moving through the winding galleries and numerous stair wells.

As a child I loved the Egyptian room and I think it is one of the only areas that looks like it has not changed in the last 30 years. In fact it looks like it hasn't changed from the 1930's with vintage lino on the floor and some beautiful looking hand written plaques. The walls have hand painted murals and there are displays of different items including mummies. The boys actually found these a bit spooky.

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  1. I loved the Egyptian Room as a child too, and found it spooky to think that the mummy was once a living man. Adore that you included a pic to the lino - it's a really unusual and complex design.


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