Sunday, 11 November 2012

2012 Christmas Pageant

This weekend we went to the Christmas Pageant in the city. We have taken the boys for the past five years but this year was the first year they were really keen to go. They are six and eight years now so I thought they would not be interested this year, because this was the eightieth anniversary they were quite excited. It was a beautiful sunny day, not to hot and although we were not there as early as I hoped we did get a good spot. I love to see all the tinsel and shiny fabric shimmering in the sunlight and I love the traditional floats.

I love these clowns, they have been around for years and have a slightly sinister look to them. As they tower down over small children you can see that they could be a little frightening.

Humphrey B Bear has become a bit of a tradition, his TV show was my favourite as a small child.

Just a few Australian icons so you know where we are. 

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