Friday, 7 September 2012

Fabulous finds

Strathalbyn Antique Fair - Sunday Market
Every year the town of Strathalbyn in the Adelaide Hills holds an Antique Fair and on the Sunday morning there is a market with many stalls and loads of collectables. I have been going for quite a few years apart from when the kids were younger. This year I picked up a few items to add to my collections. I was hoping to find more retro and vintage style items, no pyrex unfortunately but quite a lot of vintage 70's travel tea-towels and sewing items. 

I just liked this one

for my bear collection

for my ceramic chicken and ceramic donkey collection

The chicken and donkey collections I have are from the 1950's to 1980's I think, from my great grandmother and grandmothers collections, so when I see one at a market or fair, I just can't pass it by.
I did also get a sheet of decals from the 60's and a glass with green spots from the 50's for only 50c each. Bargin!

I almost forgot these lovely sewing baskets


  1. Julie, The sewing baskets are gorgeous! Is a Sarah Kay Design at the top of the basket? I love it!!

  2. Your pictures take me back. I had two sewing baskets, both I think from Father Christmas! One day I hope to see more of your little donkeys and chickens. How marvelous that you are carrying on a family tradition of loving collecting.


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