Friday, 2 December 2016

Recent Christmas Designs

Spoonflower had a number of Christmas theme contests aimed at gift wrap recently. I was lucky enough to be in the top ten for three of them. Here are a look at my designs, fabric was photographed at Spoonflower.

Alpine Village

Festive Lace Garden

Poinsettia Gift Tags

Blackbird Nest

A blackbird made a nest directly under the decking on our back balcony. It was fascinating watching the chicks grow and the mother feeding them everyday. Although there were originally five eggs there were only ever four chicks.

Tea Towel Designs

I was lucky enough to get into the top ten for three of the tea towel contests at Spoonflower this year. Each of the top ten contestants was sent their design on a tea towel from Roostery. Here is a look at my designs. I was so happy with how they printed and they were presented so nicely.

From the Garden

A look back at the garden over Spring.

A good reason not to mow the back lawn is when it is filled with flowering bulbs.

Some of the bearded iris that flowered in the garden this year.

I almost squished this blue tongue lizard when shifting some bricks. He was not happy.

This honeysuckle did smell amazing and looked beautiful in the golden afternoon light.

Ink Botanicals

This year I attempted a drawing a day for Inktober and decided to work with botanical images. Most of these were drawn from photos I have taken over the last few years. Maybe some of these will be developed into fabric designs.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Abstract Geometric and Kawaii

Some new collections available in my Spoonflower shop based on designs from a Spoonflower challenge earlier in the year. I was so happy with how the swatches printed and hope to add some small patterns or solids to the Abstract Geometric collection. The original designs from the design challenge are below.

Double Take Design Challenge

I was so happy to come second in the Spoonflower/Betabrand Double Take design challenge last week. Here is a look at my design Wild Paisley, a twist on the traditional paisley with some wild animals hidden in the paisley shapes.
The design is now for sale, photos of the printed fabric from Spoonflower.

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